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Privacy Policy is steadfast in its commitment to safeguard your online privacy. We are completely alive to your need to have reasonable control over the personally identifiable information you share with


Your name, E-mail address, phone number, mailing address, and credit/debit card details are required when you register or place an order (optional). The above information will be used solely for the following purposes only:


  • To fulfill and finalise your order.

  • To give you information, materials, and offers from Teeveda Merchandise as well as information about the services and goods offered by teeveda merchandise.


Under no circumstances will we disclose the information for any other business use. will not share any of your personally identifiable information with anybody else unless we have your consent or in exceptional cases, when we believe in good faith that the law requires it.


Although we aggregately track the number of visitors to each site to help us update and enhance our sites, no personally identifiable data is taken in the course of this process. Any cookie technology—in which our servers place unique codes on a visitor's computer or mobile device—will only be used to track anonymous data, like the type of browser, operating system, and domain names, to enhance the online experience for our visitors.


How is my information protected by


You use a secure server to place your order. Before being delivered to us, the secure server encrypts all of the information you provide, including your Debit or Credit Card number. It becomes unreadable when it moves through the internet as a result. All of the consumer information we gather is additionally secured against unauthorized access.


User discretion:


If the requested information is mandatory, you always have the option to withhold it; but, in that case, you won't be able to use the complete services, features, or contents of


You can regularly add to or change your personal information. Your privacy is respected and protected zealously by us.  If you would prefer not to receive any E-mails from, would like to opt-out, or have any complaints to make, send an E-mail to


Will share the data it gathers with third parties?


Your personal information is not traded, rented, sold, or otherwise given away by You give permission to collect and use your information if you use our website. Any change in our privacy policy will be posted on this page forthwith to ensure that you are informed of the data we gather, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose it.


We value your confidence in us when you place an order or register with us. We take the security of your personal data extremely seriously and totally protect your information, order history, and other records. Your personal information will never be used improperly by Teeveda Merchandise or any of its affiliates!


We adhere to the following stringent privacy guidelines:


A. No information sharing


Your E-mail address and other information are never disclosed by us, and we never add you to a mailing list without your express permission. Because of us, you will never receive spam E-mail.


You probably aren't aware of this, but the majority of firms track your browser history, place unwanted cookies on your computer, and even sell your information and surfing behaviour to mailing lists or other third parties. We detest such practices as they are not in consonance with our dearly held values.


When you place an order with us, you have control over the information we provide you as we'll never send you any unsolicited mail. You are free to maintain a different E-mail address with us for correspondence. We won't send you an order confirmation, invoice, shipment confirmation, or satisfaction survey if you do not want us to.


If you don't want it, we'll never send you snail mail or even E-mails without your permission. We won't send you E-mails without your permission. If you don't want us to, we won't send you any E-mails asking for more business. We sincerely believe that the high and the unblemished quality of our offerings as also our impeccable service efficiency will guarantee recurring business.


The merchant name on the card or bank statement will either include the name of our partner in payment processing, i.e. Either razorpay, bankname, or teeveda merchandise.


We will keep our systems and data secure by using strong passwords on all platforms and keeping up with the most recent anti-virus software, if necessary. Your information is secure with us, and not even our staff members have access to it unless it is required to cater to your needs.


B. How we use the data you provide


Your shipping address: this is where your order will be delivered. Every order has the option to modify it, and we will only mail your order, and nothing else to this address.


Your phone information will only be used to assist the courier delivery person in finding you. Orders are packed in a way that prevents the courier delivery person from learning anything about your order or you. To confirm the order before shipping or for any other reason relating to the order placed on, we may also call you at the phone number provided. A customer service representative or an automated system may place the call. The information on how to confirm or reject an order through missed call or another service may also be sent to you via SMS.


Your Debit/Credit Card information: your Credit Card, Debit Card, or bank account details are used only to process the transaction, and not for any other purpose.


Your E-mail: if you ask us not to, we'll never send you E-mails. We presume that we have your consent for sending you E-mails for the following reasons:

  • Sending you an order copy

  • Sending you the shipping confirmation

  • Sending you a brief customer satisfaction survey

  • Sending you "reminders" for products you choose to be reminded about.


Your Billing Address: this is necessary exclusively for credit card verification purposes. Nothing from will ever be delivered to your billing address.


C. Information acquisition

Information is inevitably gathered by any website. To protect your privacy, we do have a thorough information gathering policy.


For visitors (individuals who browse our store or stop by our location): when you visit, we are aware that someone is doing so, but we are unable to identify who it is. We only keep track of the number of visitors and the pages/products that are most popular with them. We do not collect or make use of any information about specific site visitors.


For customers (people who have an account with us or order with us)

  • Although we maintain a record of your personal information, it is held in the utmost confidence and is protected by our privacy policy.

  • You are entitled to know what data we have gathered about you. Moreover, you have the option to modify this data. Please E-mail to us at if you would want to get in touch with us regarding updating any of the information we have about you.

  • You must first establish your identity with us in order to make changes to your information. This would prevent others from accessing your data.

  • We won't give out Credit Card information over the phone. We can resolve issues, if any with your credit card with your merchant bank.

  • We strictly maintain the confidentiality of any client comments. If we do share your comments regarding our company or products, we will do it in a manner wherein your anonymity will be protected.

  • In conclusion, your purchase from is treated with the utmost secrecy. And it is completely   confidential!




On the mobile or landline number you have registered with us, you might get transactional SMS or calls regarding your account or orders you've placed on our website.


All phone calls and texts will be about actions taken on our website.


You might receive marketing messages about deals or products on our website. You may choose not to receive those by clicking the unsubscribe link that is included in each SMS.


With our mobile app, you might get notifications or alerts about your order.


You might get notifications from our mobile apps when new products or offers are added on store.


By adjusting the app notification settings on your phone, or sending us an E-mail to, you request us to disable notifications if you wish.


E. Advertising


We might make use of the re-targeting options offered by ad networks like facebook, google ad words, or any other advertising network.


F. Legal issues


In the unlikely event that a transaction is the subject of a legal dispute (usually credit card fraud), information may be demanded from us via summons (legal demand for information or appearance). In such circumstances, we might be required by law to provide the necessary data. If this happens, our policy is to first get in touch with the consumer to explain our legal responsibilities (using the customer's preferred method of communication).


These problems are rare and typically arise only in instances of credit card fraud. So, giving such information would aid in safeguarding your account and business with us.


If requested by any government department, such as gst, or any other department, your order information and personal information viz your addresses and phone numbers may be provided, purely as our obligation as a good corporate citizen.


G. Links to other Websites


There may be links on our website to other websites that track individuals' personally identifiable information. Any such pages won't have the logo at the top and will be easily recognized in the browser address. We do not accept any responsibility for the practices or actions of such websites.


Such links are however not necessary to browse or finish any transaction at (apart from the one to our payment gateway provider). We have taken every possible step to ensure that your experience with us is completely confidential.


Razorpay, who have rich experience of managing millions of secure financial transactions, are our payment gateway providers. You may shop with us and make payments through them with confidence (you can refer to our faqs section to understand their highest standards of security). You can also visit their website and check their privacy policy.


Advertisers may connect to our website, and we disclaim all liability for any issues that may arise as a result of visiting these websites.


H. Merger, acquisition, and service termination


The combined company that results from our merger or acquisition by another business will use the personal information you have supplied in accordance with this policy. Your personal information might be transferred to and used by another business that provides comparable or related goods and services if we cease operation.


Business Privacy Statement



  • This website is owned and operated by Teeveda Merchandise. These terms set forth the terms and conditions under which you may use our website and services as offered by us. This website offers visitors apparel, accessories, gift items, novelties and other products. By accessing or using the website of our service, you approve that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms.

  • Teeveda Merchandise ("firm," "we," "us," and "our") respects the privacy of its website visitors who access it through the URL (the "website"). Any natural or legal person who accesses or uses the website is referred to as a "user" for the purposes of this privacy statement ("privacy statement") and whenever the context so requires. If a natural person is acting on behalf of a business entity, the reference to the business entity will also be included.

  • To keep you informed about the information we gather about you through the website, how we gather the information, how we might use it, and the precautions we take to protect it, Teeveda Merchandise has adopted this privacy policy in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws.

  • Teeveda Merchandise has made this privacy policy available to you to make you familiar with:


  1. The kinds of data or information you give Teeveda Merchandise or that Teeveda Merchandise receives from you;

  2. The reason such data or information about you was collected;

  3. Teeveda Merchandise’s information security procedures and policies; and

  4. Teeveda Merchandise's guidelines on disclosing or transferring your data to outside parties.


  • The terms defined in the information technology act 2000 ("IT Act") and the information technology (reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) rules, 2011 ("SPDI rules"), which are not otherwise defined in this privacy statement, shall have the same meanings as in this privacy statement.

  • It should be noted that, when appropriate and/or required by the it act and the SPDI regulations, sensitive personal data or information (also known as "SPDI") is included when the term "personal information" is used.


Information collection


  • Both "personal information" and "non-personal information" may be included in the "information" that you supply to Teeveda Merchandise or that Teeveda Merchandise collects from you.


For the purposes of this privacy statement, personal information may include, but not be limited to:


A) Both your user name and password;

B) Your name;

C) Your address;

D) Your contact information;

E) Your E-mail address or another method of contact;

F) Your date of birth;

G) Your gender;

H) Details about your website transactions, such as your past sales or purchases;

I) Your financial information, including one-time passwords and details of your Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and other payment methods;

J) Internet protocol address (I address);

J) Any additional information you submit during the website's registration process, if any; or

L) Identification code of the communication device you use to access the website or interact with Teeveda Merchandise in any other way,


  • These personal details may be gathered in a variety of ways, including when you use particular website services. Making an online purchase, taking part in an online survey or contest, contacting Teeveda Merchandise's customer service by phone, E-mail, or another method, and leaving user reviews on products that are offered on the website being a few examples of this.

  • Other parties, including social media platforms, readily available commercial sources, and business partners, may provide us with personally identifiable information about you. In the event that you access website through a social media service or connect a service on website to a social media service, the information we collect may include your user name associated with that social media service, any information or content that the social media service has the right to share with us, such as your profile picture, E-mail address, or friends list, and any information you have made public in connection with that social media service. You authorise Teeveda Merchandise to collect, store, use, and retain such information and material in accordance with this privacy policy when you use social media services to visit the website, communicate with Teeveda Merchandise in any other way, or when you connect any website to social media services.

  • You certify that the personal information you occasionally give to us is accurate, up-to-date, and complete, and that you have all necessary rights, licenses, and consents to do so. You must not violate any third-party agreements, laws, judgements, orders, or decrees by supplying the data or information, and Teeveda Merchandise must not violate any such agreements, laws, or orders by storing, collecting, using, transferring, or processing the data or information as a result.


Non-personal data:


When you visit and/or use the website, Teeveda Merchandise may also get data from you that is unrelated to your personal information. The server logs may contain such data. This non-personal information won't help Teeveda Merchandise pinpoint your identity. This non-personal data may consist of:


A) Where you are located;

B) Information about your internet service provider or telecom provider;

C) The type of browser viz internet explorer, firefox, opera, google chrome, etc.;

D) Your system's operating system, your device's operating system, and the website you last visited before coming to our website;

E) In addition to the date and time of your access, the length of your visit to the website is also recorded in the session. Non-personal information is gathered through a variety of methods, including the use of cookies.


Use of personal information and its purpose


  • Teeveda Merchandise would not disclose, transfer, trade, rent or sell your personal information in any manner whatsoever except as specified herein or if it has your express consent to do so.

  • Your information is used only for the following:


i) To make using the website easier for you;

ii) To address your questions, complaints, or requests for details regarding the many services we provide;

iii) To send you information, promotional materials, and offers from Teeveda Merchandise as well as information about Teeveda Merchandise's services and goods;

iv) To send you critical information about the website, updates on Teeveda Merchandise's terms of service and other rules, and/or other information of a general nature;

v) To send you surveys and marketing materials that Teeveda Merchandise thinks might interest you.

vi) To make your visit to our website more personalized;

vii) To complete and fulfill your purchase, such as to process your payments, communicate with you about your purchase, and provide you with any necessary customer support in the event that you purchase any content or use any service from the website;

viii) To manage downloads of products;

ix) To carry out internal evaluations and data analysis for the website (for instance, to calculate the number of visitors to various website pages);

x) To enhance the website's offerings, information, and marketing;

xi) To maintain the website's integrity; and

xii) To adhere to the legal requirements and disclosures stipulated by Indian Law.


  • Your information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and in compliance with the guidelines outlined in this document.

  • You agree to receive from time to time promotional messages and materials from us, by mail, E-mail or any other contact form you may provide us with (including your phone number for calls or text messages). If you don't want to receive such promotional materials or notices – please just notify us at any time.


Cookies & shared objects


Cookies are unique alphanumeric identifiers that our website saves to the hard drive of your computer. Teeveda Merchandise might keep 'cookies' on your computer permanently or temporarily. We might also track and analyse website traffic using cookies and/or shared objects. Cookies allow us to identify your computer so that we can greet you when you return. We may use shared objects and/or cookies to gather and store information about you, including the name of the domain and host from which you access the internet, the ip address of the device you're using to access the internet, the date and time you access our website, and the website's URL from which you directly linked to it. We make use of this data to better comprehend our visitors’ needs and requirements and then tailor our website in accordance with their individual tastes and preferences. These cookies are removeable from your computer, or you can decide to block them. Your computer's browser can be set up to notify you when we try to send you a cookie and give you the option to accept or decline it. You might not be able to use some elements of the website if you've disabled cookies.


Information dissemination




To manage a select group of advertisements on our website and portals, Teeveda Merchandise works with some third parties. None of your personal information is divulged during this procedure. To ensure that the advertising is relevant to the user, however, aggregate profile data, such as user community, may be employed. While an embedded pixel on some banner advertising may not be linked to a cookie or any other specific user profile data, it may return session connection information that enables advertisers to more accurately count the number of unique users who have clicked on the ad banner. Your personal information is not given to other parties for their marketing or advertising needs.


Links to other independent/third party websites


The website may offer information from third parties and connections to websites not within teeveda merchandise's control or managed by its affiliates, including but not limited to payment gateways and social networking sites. Teeveda Merchandise makes no claims regarding the privacy practices or other rules of any third party websites and is not liable for any transmission of any kind that you may get from a third party website. Teeveda Merchandise shall not be regarded to have any control over or guarantee the truthfulness, integrity, or quality of any information, data, text, software, sound, picture, graphic, video, cookie, message, or other materials available on such websites. It is advised that you study the privacy policies of such websites before using them as any user information that you submit to such third-party websites will be controlled by the privacy policies of such websites.


Personal information disclosure


  • We may disclose your personal information when required to do so by law or regulation, or in response to a request from any law enforcement or governmental agency, judicial, quasi-judicial, or any other statutory or constitutional authority, or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims. We may also disclose your personal information when required to do so under any legal obligation or order under law.

  • In the good faith belief that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to


A) Enforce our terms or privacy policy

B) Respond to claims that an advertisement, posting, or other content violates the rights of a third party OR

C) Protect the rights, property, or personal safety of our users or the general public, we may disclose your personal information to those representing the law, third party rights owners, or others.


Security practices and protocols


  • We accord topmost priority to the security of your information. We take reasonable security precautions to preserve and protect your information, and at all costs, those required under applicable laws. You acknowledge that maintaining the privacy of the information you share with us has security implications, and you agree not to hold us liable in the event that there is a security breach or information exposure, unless we have been grossly and intentionally negligent.

  • In order to store your information, we may enter into agreements with third parties (in or outside of India). These third parties may have their own security standards to protect your information or data, and we may also require them to implement appropriate security measures on a commercially reasonable basis.

  • Regardless of anything else stated in this privacy statement or elsewhere, we will not be held liable for any loss, damage, or misuse of your information if it results from a force majeure event. Any event that is beyond our reasonable control is referred to as a "force majeure event," and examples of such events include sabotage, fire, flood, explosion, acts of god, civil unrest, strikes or other industrial actions of any kind, riots, insurrections, war, acts of government, computer hacking, unauthorised access to computer data and storage devices, computer crashes, breach of security and encryption, etc.

  • Teeveda Merchandise will, without unreasonable delay, E-mail or message you to let you know if there has been a breach of your personal information and will thereafter take necessary action in accordance with the applicable laws.


User discretion and rights


  • You freely provided us with all of your personal information. In line with the rules of this privacy policy, you have the right to withdraw your permission at any time in writing by contacting us through E-mail at Please be aware, though, that withdrawal of consent will only be effective going forward rather than taking effect retrospectively. Teeveda Merchandise has the right to stop providing the services for which the aforementioned information was requested in the event that you do not supply your personal information, do not consent to its use, or do so and then withdraw your consent.

  • You may check, amend, add, rectify, or update your personal information. Teeveda Merchandise will retain a copy of the earlier version of the information whenever you update it for its records. The authenticity   of the personal information you have submitted, however, is not something for which we are liable.

  • As needed by any applicable law, law enforcement requests, or under any court processes, you accept and recognise that certain data or information cannot be altered, deleted, or is not permitted to be erased. The aforementioned rights will not apply to such data or information.


If you'd prefer, Teeveda Merchandise can mail you direct marketing materials at the address you have provided. By clicking the unsubscribe link provided in the E-mail, you can choose not to receive further correspondence from this direct mailer.


Important Disclaimer


Although we take every precaution to keep your personal information secure and confidential, we would caution you against sharing it with anybody who contacts you by phone, E-mail, or other means and claims to be affiliated with us. We would assume no responsibility for any such claims that you may have as a result of your own negligence or willful misconduct.


Revision of Privacy Policy


This policy may occasionally be changed or modified. We will change the date above when we modify or update the privacy policy. We advise you to review our privacy statement periodically to stay informed of any changes. Your continued use of the website or any subsequent submission of data or information will be deemed as your full acceptance of any changes made to this privacy statement.


Constitutional Amendments


Should we (or our assets) decide to merge or amalgamate with, be bought by another business   entity or there is restructuring/reorganization of our business, we and our affiliates may disclose or transfer some or all of your personal information to that other business entity. The other business entity (or the new combined firm) shall be obligated to abide by this privacy policy with regard to your personal information if such transactions take place.


Further acknowledgments


• You hereby agree that this privacy policy:


A) Provides statements of our policies and procedures with regard to information and is understandable and accessible;

B) Specifies the many categories of sensitive or personal information that may be gathered;

C) Outlines the objectives of gathering and using the information;

D) Provides for information disclosure; and

G) Outlines adequate security methods and protocols.


Complaint Redressal


Teeveda Merchandise respects your privacy, and thus if you don't want to hear from in any way or if you have any complaints, please report to the following e mail address:


E-mail address:

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