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  • How do I make a purchase?
    The processes to placing your order are as follows: Go through our extensive selection of products until you find something you want, then select the appropriate size (if you're unsure, consult the sizing chart to determine the right size) and click the "add to cart" button (you can add multiple products in your cart). The "shopping cart," where you can decide whether to complete your shopping or confirm your order. Once the shopping cart is ready, go to the checkout page, enter your shipping information, choose your preferred payment method, and then confirm your order.
  • How and when will I get my order?
    Your product will be hand delivered to your doorstep by our delivery partners. Your product/s will delivered in 3–10 business days of confirmation of order depending on your choice of delivery. Standard Delivery may take 5-7 business days and Express Delivery can bring you your product in 3-5 business days.
  • How will I know when my order has been placed successfully?
    As a confirmation, you will receive an E-mail with your order details. As you wait for your awesome products to arrive, sit back and unwind.
  • How can I know the current status of my order?
    Be assured that you will be able to check the progress of your order in your account if you have a user account and were logged in when you placed your order. As soon as your order is placed, we will send you an E-mail confirming the specifics of your order. You will also receive an E-mail notifying you when we dispatch your order. You would be given a special update from our end if there were any unique circumstances that caused your order to be delayed. We will address your issue if you contact us at if you still have concerns. You may also view your order's tracking information by going to the "order history" page.
  • How can I cancel or change my order?
    Simply send an E-mail to referencing your purchase order number. If we haven't shipped it yet, we'll cancel your order; if not, you'll need to send it back to us to enable us to offer you a refund or exchange, as the case may be.
  • For my order, I made an online payment. My money was deducted even though the order was unsuccessful. What happened to my money?
    Before proceeding, kindly check your bank or credit card account to see if there has been a deduction from your account. Banks often roll back debits to your account following a failed payment within 7 business days. You can contact us at for help by sending an E-mail with your order number or Razorpay transaction id. To ensure that you receive your refund as quickly as possible, we will process it right away. The amount will reflect in your bank / card statement within 5-7 business days.
  • Is it secure to shop online using my debit or credit card, wallet, or net banking?
    Yes. You can shop safely and securely with us because we process payments in a secure manner using an efficient SSL certificate. Moreover, we use Razorpay, a most reliable payment platform. So go ahead and buy without any apprehension.
  • Are Teeveda Merchandise products available in my city for cash on delivery?
    Depending on the PIN code, we provide cash on delivery (COD) at almost all places around India. If the PIN code is provided using this facility, the website will automatically provide you the option of COD. Alternatively, you can E-mail your area's PIN code to so that we can verify it and respond appropriately.
  • Are there any unstated fees or hidden charges?
    Commonly, the price displayed on our website includes all taxes. Standard Delivery charges will be visible at the checkout stage. There may be additional delivery charges for locations currently not serviced under our delivery locations. There are absolutely no other unstated fees or hidden charges. Only the amount shown in your order summary is payable.
  • What is the normal time frame for delivery?
    Your product/s will delivered in 3–10 business days after order confirmation depending on your choice of delivery. Standard Delivery may take 5-7 Business Days and Express Delivery can bring you your product in 3-5 business days. Certain locations not regularly serviced by our delivery partners may take longer to deliver. You will be able to track the status of your delivery in the “track your order” link
  • Who delivers the goods?
    We have agreements with reputable courier services to enable delivery at your doorstep within the specified time frames.
  • What happens if the delivery person makes a mistake?
    To safeguard your products and make sure they reach you in great condition, all orders will be shipped in completely sealed containers. Send us an E-mail with an unpacking and unboxing video to if you have any issues or concerns.
  • Do you charge delivery fees?
    For all orders over Rs.699, we provide free delivery throughout India.
  • What are the shipping fees to my location for orders under Rs.699?
    For orders under Rs.699, there is a nominal fee of Rs.39 for standard delivery and Rs.59 for Express Delivery.
  • If I forget my password, what should I do?
    Simply select the "forgot password" option, and we will E-mail you on your registered E-mail address a link to reset your password.
  • Are returns accepted?
    Yes, all products are eligible for returns within 07 days after delivery. Please review the refund policy here for more information:
  • I made a cash-on-delivery payment; how can I seek a refund?
    The money will be refunded to you as Teeveda Credit. You can use that money to make any purchases on or you can also transfer it directly to your bank account.
  • How do I get a refund after using my Debit/Credit Card or Net Banking?
    Money will be refunded to the same account that you used to pay for your Teeveda Merchandise purchase.
  • What is Teeveda Merchandise's Delivery Policy?
    We do our utmost best to send goods as soon as possible and in excellent condition. For all purchases of Rs.699 or more, we will ship your item for free right to your doorstep. Orders under Rs.699 will be charged a Rs.39 to Rs.99 shipping cost depending on the mode of shipment. If the order is cancelled, lost, or not delivered to the desired location, we will refund the full cost of the order, including any shipping charges, if you paid for it online. If you return a delivered purchase, the shipping costs are not refundable. The costs of self-shipping your returns, however, will be covered by us in accordance with Teeveda Merchandise's return policy. For accounts whose return behaviour violates our fair usage policy, a delivery charge of Rs.149 will be applied to all orders, regardless of order value. Discounts, GST, and any other fees that may be relevant are deducted from the order total before calculation of order value.
  • What is Teeveda Merchandise's cancellation policy?
    If the cancel option is present on the app, website, or mobile site, you may even cancel a purchase after it has been packaged and shipped. Things that were purchased ‘on sale’ fall under this as well. Any payments made will be credited using the same means of payment that was used to make them.
  • After I've made my order, can I change the delivery address?
    No. Once an order has been made, you cannot change the delivery address. You will need to cancel the order and make a fresh order with the desired delivery address.
  • How do I cancel my order?
    By tapping the "my orders" section under the main menu of your app, website, or mobile site, you can select the item or transaction you want to cancel.
  • How long before I get my refund after cancelling my order?
    If you had opted for cash on delivery, no money will obviously be returned to you because you haven't made any payment for your purchase. For payments made by Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Or Wallet, you will get a refund into the source account within 5 to 7 business days of the transaction cancellation date. When a purchase is cancelled Teeveda Credit, a refund is issued right away.. Although we do accept refunds or exchanges due to issues related to size, we recommend that to avoid any size issues, always verify the Size Chart before making a purchase. Please be mindful that all of Our T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Sweatshirts are Unisex and that our size charts may vary from those of other brands. You are therefore advised to peruse the Size Chart carefully before placing your order. You have two options to choose from while returning the product to us: Pick-up: in a number of locations, we offer a free pick- up service. A pick-up option will show up after you make a return request. Self-ship: you can self-ship if we don't have a pick-up in your neighbourhood. In this case, if the product is eligible for a return and you share a scanned copy of the courier receipt, we will reimburse the delivery fee in the form of Teeveda Merchandise credits. During pick up, our delivery agent will examine the return. If everything goes smoothly with the pick-up, we will begin a doorstep refund for the amount that was returned into the refund mode selected when the return request was first submitted. In the event that a certain pin number is ineligible for this doorstep refund, the reimbursement process will begin once the product is received by us and clears a quality check. The product will be shipped back to you if it does not pass the quality check. If you choose to swap the item because of a size discrepancy or because you received a damaged item, you will not be charged for the replacement item. However, all exchanges are subject to stock availability and your location's suitability for an exchange. Our delivery agent will deliver the new item to you and take back the original/old one from you if you decide to exchange or swap a product. Please bear in mind that we would only do size swaps. If you want to exchange it for a different product, we suggest returning the original item for a refund and purchasing the new one separately.
  • To return a product to Teeveda Merchandise, kindly follow these steps:
    You may return items you've purchased from Teeveda Merchandise within the specified return/exchange term, with the exception of our non-returnable products and high-value products, which can only be returned for a limited number of days. (see the product details page for the same). In the "my orders" section of the app, website, or mobile site, make a "return request." after selecting "return," adhere to the prompts displayed on the screen. It is important to take note of the return id that we generate at the end of the process. You can either send the item to us or keep it available for pick-up, depending on the return mode. We offer pick-up services in only some select locations depending on our courier serviceability. You can also send the item to us on your own if the reverse pick-up option is not accessible where you are. Pick-up: if you decide to schedule a pick-up, please package the product which also needs to be unused, unwashed and should have all of its tags still on. Keep the package open and accessible so that the return pickup goes more quickly. Our personnel may perform a preliminary inspection of the item when it is picked up following which a more thorough inspection will be performed at our returns desk. Self-ship: kindly self-ship the item to our returns desk if your region's pin code prevents "pick-up" option from working. Make sure the item is undamaged, unwashed, and that all of the tags are still on it before meticulously packing it. Include a piece of paper with the order number and return id on it as well. Send the package to the returns counter that is most conveniently located for you. You must also return the free item if you purchased a product that included a free gift or other offer in addition to the primary item. Unintentionally returned goods are not the responsibility of Teeveda Merchandise. In the event that an extra or different product was accidentally returned, Teeveda Merchandise would not be liable for product loss or replacement, and it would not be responsible for the product's return to the user. If you self-ship your returns, please pack the items carefully to avoid loss or damage in transit. For any self-shipped returns, we suggest utilising a reliable and proven courier service. If you decide to self-ship your returns, your shipping costs will be covered as long as they adhere to our returns and exchange policy and you send us a copy of the courier receipt that we can verify. For self-ship returns, a reimbursement will only be given if the returned goods clear a quality inspection. Ineffective quality inspection results will result in the merchandise being returned to you. We will give you a confirmation E-mail as soon as the shipment is received by us. You may also track the status of your return request on the website, or mobile site.
  • How do I make a request for an exchange on Teeveda Merchandise?
    If you would like to return any Teeveda Merchandise-purchased items, please adhere to the guidelines below: Within the allotted return/exchange time, you can make exchanges for products you've purchased from Teeveda Merchandise under the "my orders" section of the app, website, or mobile site. (see the product details page for the same). If your address is acceptable for exchange, you may continue and establish an exchange id. Please make a note of your exchange id for future reference. For Pick-ups, do not seal the packet after placing the product inside. Please make sure the item has all of its identifiers, is unwashed, and is in good condition. Give the original item to our delivery person and then receive the replacement item from him. Please make sure the exchange item is delivered to the same location where the original item is located. You can always access "my orders" on the app, website, or mobile site to see the status of your exchange requests.
  • What are no questions asked returns?
    After you initiate a return via the app or desktop in accordance with the return policy, Teeveda Merchandise will ensure that you have a fast, easy, and seamless returns experience. Our delivery team will conduct a brief quality check of the returned item at your door, and if the item is approved, your reimbursement will be processed right away.
  • Why has my return been postponed even though there is a no-questions-asked returns policy?
    When creating a return, customers are prompted to confirm (by checking a box) that the item being returned is unworn and still has its original tags on. Your return might be delayed while we verify with our contact center for more information if the aforementioned conditions are not found to be fulfilled at the time of pickup.
  • How quickly could I expect to receive my money for the returned item?
    The refund amount is expected to show up in the customer's account within the following time frames after Teeveda Merchandise initiates the refund process in accordance with the returns policy: Teeveda Merchandise Credit: immediate Credit Card, Debit Card: 5 to 7 business days following refund initiation depending on your bank Wallets: 2-3 business Days Please be informed that Teeveda Merchandise only initiates the reimbursement procedure following a successful return pickup, or after the returned item has arrived and successfully passed our quality inspection. As a consequence, the start of the refund process may depend on how quickly the courier partner can deliver the return to us. If there are any discrepancies with respect to the refund, Teeveda Merchandise reserves the right to request that you give us a screenshot of your bank statement.
  • How can I send back a number of products from the same order?
    If you are returning more than one item from a single purchase, you will get a distinct return id via E-mail for every product. If you self-ship the goods, you can send each item in a single shipment. The return ids for each item in the packet should be written on a single piece of paper. A courier will pick up the items from the pickup location if the return option is pickup.
  • Will Teeveda Merchandise pick up the items I want to return from my home?
    We usually collect or pick up items from designated PIN codes. If your area's PIN code falls under the above, you will have the choice to select the pickup option when you make a return request on our website, or mobile site. We will pick up the return shipment 5 to 7 business days after the request is placed and you are hence advised to have it ready for collection.
  • How do I ship the goods myself to Teeveda Merchandise?
    If the pickup in your area is not possible due to your area pin code, you will need to send the return item yourself using any trustworthy courier partner. Please make sure that each object in the shipment has a piece of paper with the order id and return id information on it. Any shipping costs for self-shipped returns will be appropriately reimbursed to you subject to a maximum of Rs.49. In light of this, kindly send a scanned copy of the courier invoice or ticket using the contact us section of the app, website, or mobile site. The courier bill or receipt must comply with the conditions mentioned below in order to be processed: You can send the return to our Mumbai office. Please note that if the return is being done by you, the courier charges over and above the approved amount shall be borne by you. Also, you need to E-mail us the copy of the Airway Bill / Shipping Receipt clearly showing the Date and Time of the return made. The weight of the return shipment needs to be noted. Additional information, such as the shipment date, amount, the residential or office address, the destination address should be mentioned. The information on the receipt shouldn't be altered nor should contain any overwriting. The courier charge (amount specified on the receipt), which should be double confirmed with the courier company, should not exceed the sender-destination-service combination. The process will be completed after your return has undergone a satisfactory inspection at our end.
  • Why was my return request denied?
    This might have occurred if the item you returned was used, damaged, or the original tags or packaging were missing. For more details, please contact our customer service at
  • Why wasn't my merchandise picked up?
    The pickup request will be marked as unsuccessful if the object is not picked up in the third try after three tries. You may initiate a new return request if the item meets the return requirements and is still within the permitted return/exchange period. (check product details page for the same). Write to our customer support E-mail for more details.
  • Why has the product I returned been sent to me again?
    This might have occurred if the item you've returned is used, damaged, or if the original tags or MRP tags, Bar Code Tags are missing. Write to our customer support E-mail for more details.
  • Justifications for return
    If you receive a product that is damaged, defective, or significantly different from what you purchased, you have the option to return it under the returns policy. The return policy specified on the website shall apply to all purchases. Please carefully read all parts to fully understand the conditions and situations that will govern the acceptance of returns. Products purchased on may be returned if they are product related and satisfy the following requirements: reasonable product-related problems including defective, wrong product sent, used product, physical damage, etc. Below are the reasons returns and refunds will not be approved: Products that have been used Products that are soiled, damaged, torn or dirty A product is not qualified for a return if it is moved from the delivery location. A change of attitude or a product you no longer believe you need Products that are tampered with. Items that have been customised Subjective reasons such as the product falling short of expectations, differences in colour shades etc Packaging dents and scratches that don't compromise the product Returns are not accepted when the vendor has specified a no-return policy; before making a purchase, please read the details on the product page. If it is returned after the specified period has expired
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